On Point Acupuncture and Wellness Center was founded by Melissa Lone, L.Ac, fABORM in 2015. After 10 years of performing 8 shows a week as a Broadway Singer/Dancer, she became interested in redefining what it meant for her to be both physically and mentally strong. Throughout her journey as a female athlete she experienced insomnia, Chronic Pain, anxiety, stage fright, and sustained various injuries as well as suffered from women's health and fertility concerns. By way of Acupuncture, she was able to maintain her rigorous schedule, achieve her professional and personal goals, and experience the gift of conceiving 2 beautiful children. Her whole hearted faith in this Medicine is deeply felt and it inspired her to leave her career as a Broadway Show Actress/Performer. 

Melissa’s purpose has been to share her knowledge and abilities to help patients maintain optimal health at work, at home, and in relationships. Her practice provides well- informed, research- based, treatment methods that coincide with the allopathic and conventional medical approaches. She is an active member of the San Diego community not only as a Small Business Owner, but as an Integrative Medical Professional & Guest Speaker for Wellness Events throughout the County. She and her Team are committed to rendering the highest level, professional solutions in Holistic and Integrative Healthcare.

Melissa Lone, L.Ac., fABORM 

Owner, Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist

Motor Point | Neuropuncture | Five Elements

With many years experience practicing Chinese Medicine, Jessica's integrative style also has a strong foundation in Western tradition. Her experience as a RN at Guthrie Corning hospital in New York State enabled her to learn from, and work alongside, many qualified MDs for years. In medicine, Jessica has always maintained the desire to help patients with a more holistic approach. She left her career as an allopathic Medical Professional to pursue an internship with a Chiropractic Doctor’s Office. It was through her experience working with chiropractors that she was introduced to Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. As a mother herself, Jessica soon discovered the gift of Integrative/Holistic Medicine and how it can help pediatric patients through all the many stages of growth, whether in preventative care or used as treatment for childhood disease. She then made the decision to relocate from upstate New York to San Diego California, where she earned a Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.


Jessica supports her patients of all ages in her practice with a wide variety of specialties, including: Chronic Pain and Pain Management, Pediatrics, Emotional and Mental Trauma, and more. When she is not treating her patients at On Point Acupuncture and Wellness Center, she is tending to her organic farm with her husband and traveling with her family. She is a mother of 3 beautiful children and is passionate about wildlife conservation, nutrition, and holistic medicine. 

Jessica Fazzary, L.Ac. 

Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist

Meridian/Channel Therapy | Master Tung's

Kelly is a Registered Yoga Instructor and has over 9 years of teaching, and instructor training experience. She studied psychology at San Diego State University and discovered her true passion for therapy and counseling. After graduating, she has pursued a career in Ayurvedic Counseling and Yoga (for both Children and Adults). Kelly includes Deep Yoga, Yoga therapy and Restorative Yoga into her work throughout San Diego county. She created the Inclusive Children’s Yoga Program and enjoys teaching Yoga to all ages/levels.


Kelly gave birth to her son 15 weeks premature, and after a 5 month hospitalization, she developed a deep appreciation and love for pre and post-natal care for mothers. Throughout her journey, she experienced severe anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Embracing integrative medicine, her growth in Yoga allowed her to experience healing. Kelly is the mother of 2 beautiful children. She is dedicated to spreading this knowledge and providing tools to aide in recovery using love and empathy for each individual she works with.

Kelly Jacobson, RYT

Yoga Instructor

For over 16 years, Rev. Kat Katsanis-Semel has offered an abundance of workshops and private sessions to those seeking greater wholeness, particularly mental and spiritual wholeness. She provides wellness-oriented workshops and sessions that offer concrete, actionable skills to communities and individuals who are often underserved. In addition to treating patients at On Point Acupuncture and Wellness Center, she has been involved with and currently works as a consultant for Organizations including: Mental Health America of San Diego County, Community Health Improvement Partners, The Chopra Center, St. Andrew’s by the Sea Church in Pacific Beach, St. Bartholomew’s Church in Poway, Metropolitan Community Church, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, World Yoga Center NYC, Deaf Community Services, and Sarah Lawrence College and New York University. Kat is QPR Certified and also holds a Mental Health First Aid Instructor Certificate.


As an Ordained Minister and former chaplain, one of her interests is workshops in faith-based settings, to those who regularly serve congregants. Some of the healthy coping mechanisms that she offers are: Hatha Yoga for physical strength and flexibility, Yoga Nidra for nervous system restoration and deep relaxation, Pranayama (Breathing Exercises) for stress relief and emotional balance, and Mindfulness Meditation for mental clarity and focus. Kat offers relevant wellness strategies for families and communities, from a trauma-informed perspective. She contextualizes all mind-body-spirit work that she offers as preventative medicine. Though her specialty is serving the LGBTQ+-community, Kat enjoys serving anyone who’s ready and willing to enhance their daily experience of vibrant wellness. She offers evidence-based, mental health as well as suicide prevention/intervention presentations with candor and warmth, to small and large groups throughout the County of San Diego.

Katherine Katsanis-Semel, MA

Ordained Reverend / Integrated Energy Therapy Master / Pastoral Care Provider / Yoga Nidra Instructor 

Luke Davis is a personal trainer and holistic health coach with a passion for helping others transform their movement, mindset, and health. He has over 12 years experience and has studied in person with some of the worlds best athletic performance and mobility coaches.

LimberSTRONG was developed to help you be a more able mover. Whether you walk, run, golf, dance, rock climb, etc., LimberSTRONG can help you get better at your preferred activity. You may experience gains in mobility, core strength, joint health, and enjoyment of life!

Luke Davis

Personal Trainer & Holistic Health Coach

As a Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer, I love offering my students the space to discover mindfulness in their yoga practice and simultaneously explore movement in their own bodies.  I am passionate about sharing the many amazing benefits of yoga, including creating a more positive outlook on life.  My ultimate goal is to illuminate my students to the art of taking in what is necessary to excel and letting go of what is not.  


With a personal training and ballet background, I fell in love with yoga, and began my journey with Ashtanga Yoga and Bikram Yoga.  Today, I attend Restorative, Power, Vinyasa and  Sculpt Yoga.  My personal yoga practice keeps me grounded through personal challenges, and helps me to stay powerful in mind, body, and spirit every day.


The quote by Sri Dharma Mittra, “Only the mind and body pass through difficulty.  Inside you are free”  supports my philosophy that freedom, happiness is always within us, no matter what our circumstances.  My teaching as well as my own practice centers around santosha-being OK with what you have, accepting what you are, without feeling that you need anything extra to make you happy regardless of outside challenges.  Tapping into my inner contentment allows me to now pause in a situation and respond with intention and out of love.  Santosha is within all of us if you delve deeper in your practice. 


When I’m not teaching or taking yoga, I have fun hanging with my daughters and husband.  And I teach to my dog, Holly, whose most noted yoga  achievement is Downward Facing Dog followed by a high five!

Karen Blumen

Yoga Instructor / Personal Trainer

Got my first massage license in Hungary after my serious lower back injury.  I wanted to learn how to heal our bodies.

Finished courses at the Hungarian  University of Physical  Education/1992.

It's still accepted in the European  Union. 

I got my US  massage certification through NCBTMB  (Board / National Certification in 2008)

Working with Local high-end Spas and The On Point family!

Using different techniques and modalities always specifically adjusted to each and every client.

Janos Horvath

Massage Therapist

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