"Hypnotherapy in conjunction with acupuncture has been an incredible asset to my health and well being.  I have never had hypnotherapy prior to coming to On Point but I have to say that I have really seen some amazing benefits that I never realized were even an option.  I feel more calm and relaxed during my acupuncture sessions when I listen to hypnotherapy during the session.  I am able to use hypnotherapy as my own personal meditation that helps to keep me calm and less stressed throughout the day and also helps to improve my sleep.  Although it is the same recording, every time I listen to the hypnotherapy, I get something different out of it.  I am able to really listen and hear things that I haven't heard during the last time I listened and I am able to focus on a new relaxation technique.  I am so happy I gave it a chance!


I also contacted Ada and will be starting hypnotherapy with her tomorrow.  I truly feel this is the last piece of the puzzle to get my mind on board with my body prior to this upcoming transfer.


Thanks for all of your help, I appreciate it!"


- Stephanie K.


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