Relaxation & Healing

1. Sports Massage: 

This is a clinical massage that targets certain areas or muscle groups of the body. This is the ideal massage for an injured patient or client. It involves a mixture of deep tissue, tuina, Swedish, as well as active and passive stretching. The goal is to reduce pain and realign the patient while reducing stress and encouraging relaxation. 

2. Deep Tissue: 

This is a full body massage with very strong pressure to release tight muscles relieve stress. This massage is recommended for athletes and people who prefer a firm pressure.

3. Swedish: 

This massage is designed, solely to gently increase blood flow and fully relax the patient. This massage is highly recommended for those looking to reduce stress and anxiety while supporting their immune system.

4. Prenatal Massage

Our Massage therapists are skilled on how to relieve the aches, pains and discomforts of the pregnant mama, while relaxing and calming the “Little One” within. Rest assured that our massage therapists know which points to hit and which ones they should not , to ensure a healthy, happy pregnancy. This massage is recommended for pregnant mamas after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

5. Tuina: 

This massage is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine and involves a series of “ rocking and rolling” techniques. it is traditionally done over clothes, but we can do it either way and can be incorporated with other techniques. The history of this massage is one originally based in “ bone setting” which is similar to today’s chiropractic, so it’s primary focus is realignment and stimulating blood flow.


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