Who do we help? 

WOMEN who have been told that they have low AMH /High FSH or a poor ovarian reserve, Asherman Syndrome, High Estradiol levels, Unexplained infertility. 


MEN who have been told they have, low sperm counts, poor motility, poor morphology. 


Our approach to Fertility is a holistic one. Not only do we use Acupuncture , but we design a treatment plan that is to be catered for you specifically. This may involve dietary suggestion, herbal or supplemental prescriptions,  as well as lifestyle changes. We support you emotionally and physically through the process. 


We highly support women looking to get pregnant and birth naturally. However, Acupuncture is highly successful in assisting in ART (assisted Reproductive Therapy) such as IVF and IUI. In fact, most Fertility clinics are associated with acupuncturists , because studies find that Acupuncture improves ART incomes by 25 %.


It also improves: 

IVF: In Vetro Fertilization 

FET /DET (Frozen Embryo Transfer/ Double Embryo Transfer) 

IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination) 

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) 

GIFT/ZIFT (Gameyte Intrafallopian Tube Transfer / Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer)

Prenatal Care


Once pregnant, we continue to support you through your pregnancy by addressing 

1. Morning Sickness

2. Breech presentation

3. Pelvic Pain 

3. Hemorrhoids 

4. Back Pain/Sciatica

5. Neck Pain

6. Acid Reflux/Heart burn 

7. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

8. Anemia

9. Preparation for labor ( mentally and physically) 



1. Breast Engorgement and/or Nipple Irritation

2. Perineal Discomfort 

3.  Hemorrhoid Pain

4. Difficulty in Let-Down

5. Insufficient Lactation

6. Upper Back Pain

7. Hip Pain

7. Sacral or Coccyx Pain

8. Neck or Back Pain or Sciatica

9. Postpartum Depression

10. Cesarean Scar Pain or Numbness

11. Pelvic Pain

12. Vaginal Pain

13. Supporting Little One through pediatrics


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