Achieve mental and physical clarity through guided meditation, no matter what experience level you have.

This a class that focuses on the injured person or the person who has never tried yoga before. Our yoga instructors are specifically trained to modify poses so that you get maximum affects from each class. Classes are purposely small, with a maximum of 5 people, to assure that each person is doing the poses correctly and thereby not injuring themselves further. This class is necessary for preventative care and is the final steps in relieving pain. It is centered around alignment and strengthen specific muscles to keep you out of pain.

All levels are welcome, no yoga experience necessary.

Class size is 3-5 people



Much like other types of childbirth-preparation classes, prenatal yoga is a multifaceted approach to exercise that encourages stretching, mental centering and focused breathing. Research suggests that prenatal yoga is safe and can have benefits such as preparation for birth physically and mentally, while building their "mama" community. Prenatal yoga benefits mama and baby, giving your unborn child the best start possible.

All levels are welcome, no yoga experience necessary.

Class size is 3-5 people.

We will explore how to best prepare the body and mind for a healthy pregnancy. Yoga and meditation will be used to reduce the stress of trying to conceive as well as support a healthy endocrine system. We will be working in a very small group environment to support and nurture ourselves as well as assure that each member is receiving personalized care. Our series includes four 75 minute classes that will utilize yoga, meditation, pranyama and chanting to cultivate fertility.
All levels are welcome, no yoga experience necessary.

Class size is 3-5 people.



As a Yoga Nidra class participant, you are likely to leave the class feeling rested, refreshed - and maybe even spoiled. This is because not only do we combine a guided meditation with non-toxic, essential oils, for a signature experience, but we also grant you the opportunity to experience a systematic, relaxation process; this relaxation process is specifically designed to heal your central nervous system. We all go through challenges in life, and that is normal; yet when we go through extreme challenges in life - that leave a mark on us both physiologically and spiritually - many call those challenges "trauma."


Unprocessed, traumatic experiences can cause our bodies to get caught in the "flight/flight/freeze mode" (the sympathetic nervous system), rather than the "rest and digest mode" (the parasympathetic nervous system). When we spend much of our lives functioning out of our sympathetic nervous system, this can wear us down - to the point of physical and emotional exhaustion. Fortunately, that's where intentionally restorative practices (such as Yoga Nidra), come in...to reiterate, they help us to heal, on multiple levels, so we can go back to being "on point" again. For additional information on the unique, evidence-based modality that is termed Yoga Nidra, we encourage you to visit the following website:


Essential Oil education of patients and Healthcare providers. Focuses on the use of essential oils in a complementary and integrative health modality. Class modules include (but are not limited to) DIY Home Cleaning Products with Essential Oils, Essential Oil Use with Children, Weight Management with Essential Oils, and more! Classes are free and order discounts for products available for all attending parties.


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